What I want

This is what I ( Allah, God, Jahweh, Jah, Jehova, Brahma, the Great Spirit, etc. ) want ( 24-aug-2021 ):

I want you all ( past,present,future ) happy and 18 before the end of 2030 or earlyer. It's possible now since time is declared neutral. Time is not your friend nor your enemy. Time is only to seperate one event from the other. Aging, also sickness, is due to the Orginal Sin ( constant ineffciency since  the start of Creation ). On 27-december-2014, 3rd Christmas Day the Blue Sky Index is on this quantum World. The BSI is a cure for the Original Sin. Everyone who looks older than 21 can rejuvanate now and become healthy again. Those who are ill can make themselves healthy again. So use the BSI for all projects and R&D also your personal projects.

The Knowmatics from 2004 rev.A august ( see above ) supersedes all holy books. And the Maya's are right.

Immortal ( go to menu BSI Deals or Immortallity Deals )

Since we ar connected minds to each other and to Allah we are all immortal ( but we have forgotten it ) You can prove it for yourself with the Blue Sky Index. The greatest danger to you is the person you see in the mirror each day. Clean yourself from the Original Sin to be Immortal.

Rule 1- Don't judge the progressive past. First listen, than act, than use your feeling to bypass your "arrogance filter"

Rule 2- Blame only, and only yourself, to be a hero and be kind to yourself and all surrounding you.

Rule 3- Use the Blue Sky Index to fight for yourself. You can prove your own progress with the serendipity rain

Everyone ( IS, Al Qaida, Taliban, US, and others ) stop the killing. It's useless since everyone is immortal.

The Multiworld Project

This Multiworld project, Peace & Properity everywhere,  started in 2001 and will end in 2030 or sooner.

The tools used are:

1-Pure Willpower ( without any force )

2-Science, believes etc. with use of free information


Questions? Remarks? Make a deal with Allah? ( Personal, Country, Company ). Mail Allah or God at: 

Since 27-dec-2014 Death is an option.

The only certainty left is that you will pay your taxes accept for Alfred J :)

Use the BSI ( Blue Sky Index ) or Allahgorithm for Fair Trade, 100% Safety & Health, Longevity and as a Miracle Machine. It's a kind of Magic!

Serendipity Bayzed Strategies for Enduring Success

The Sharia is out and Alfred's law is in:

One Cosmic Law rules All: (Un)Serendipity goes with the (In)Efficient!
Keeping your deals is efficient -> BSI goes up!

The King:

Use the BSI to make all your dreams come true, 100% sure.

BARTER IS BACK! Is there something to trade out there?

For Allah  or G'ah deals are Holy. So keep your word as soon as you can do it. The Taliban gave their word to Trump. Keep it unless you want UNserendipity coming over you. Burqas in 2021? Comon!!

And don't judge, don't mutulate or supress man, women or children. Be good for all people, the beasts and the trees. Don't speak as if you now Allah. He can speak for himself now via (UN)Serendipity.

Everyone can be whatever he/she/x wants to be as long a he/she/x works also equally for the world. Use the BSI as a GUIDE ! Do not connect Allah with death ( Allah is Great and death to......  )

The ultimate danger to you is the person you see in the mirror. So go for BSI=8

Go for the Highest Jihad which is to yourself. All other  will NOT bring you to the Multiworld ( Heaven ), created on day 8,  alive. Allah has saved ALL past souls in the Multiworld.

Go to Allah's Strategy !

Blue Swan landed in Kabul, june 2013