Use the BSI ( Blue Sky Index ) or Allahgorithm for Fair Trade, 100% Safety & Health, Longevity and as a Miracle Machine. It's a kind of Magic!

Serendipity Bayzed Strategies for Enduring Success

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Plan B

Triangle Strategy for Afghanistan ( and via Afghanistan to the World )

Since 27th of December 2014 the Blue Sky Index is on earth. With the BSI everyone can manage the future in progressive time. It's an invaluable Game Changer that will bring peace and prosperity in Aghanistan and the world.  And it will lead us to the Multiworld where all stll exists. It's G'ah secret: He created the Multiworld, his Plan B, on day 8 of Creation. see

The BSI of Aghanistan is a 3 and it must rise to an 8 in 2021.

The strategy to use is:

1- David - Goliath strategy with de BSI-knowledge as a stone. So everyone can manage their own future in progressive time. Training will be done ONLINE.

2-Trojan Horse strategy. Almost everyone in Afghanistan has a smartphone which can be used for knowledge transfer.

3-Lawrence of Arabia strategy. This means that all small parties must work together for unleasing a marketing machine to spread the message.


Item 1 & 2 are ready

Item 3 to be done this month until medio september 2021.

The steps of item 3:

1- Inform Afghan people in the Netherlands and in Afghanistan

2- Inform the papers and other media

3- Inform the Governments in The Netherlands and Afghanistan

4- Start formation of teams for execution of the projects ( see Project & Deals ) & the WTP

In the meantime all software for 100% FAIR trade will be further developed and installed.

Lawrence of Arabia-strategy supported by:

All projects will be executed under Blue Sky Index conditions

with "Pay down on the nail"principle.